Day 22: How Have You Changed the Past Two Years

If you were to ask me this 2 years ago I would’ve had a lot to talk about, right now? Not so much and most of it is not interesting at all.

Okay, so past two years – 2012,2013. Oh boy.

By appearance – Not a lot. I didn’t even grow too much, which bothers me. I may have grown two cm’s or something. WHY CAN’T I GROW. I want to be a little bit higher and not be called a munchkin; and only by height. I really stayed the same. I blame my glasses. My glasses kind of shape my face and make it what it is – ’cause believe me, without them, I find myself to look eek. I got quite a few new freckles on the edges of my nose. With every summer I at least find one new freckle. I don’t mind them really nor try to cover them up but they can be annoying.
See, I have no idea what to talk about so I ramble about my face freckles.

I haven’t changed much. Some more bigger changes we’re already made throughout 2011 AND a little bit of 2012. Of course, you learn new things and grow each day.

I honestly wanna say I’ve become a lot more responsible. Be it, not losing my keys on the way to the store ’cause I used to lose keys at least 5-6 times throughout the year guys. And the worst of it is, I lose it and I don’t realize until two weeks that I don’t have it and then I get a new one, use it for 2 days and the previous one magically appears.
And then I lose both of them… LOL. What is that?
Or be it more responsible with my lifestyle. How I eat, how much I eat, WHAT I eat. Which unhealthy products do I use etc.
I’ve definitely realized I always make an effort to be ON TIME. For school classes, when I’m meeting friends, getting some place; even if it’s as simple as leaving to my mom’s, I manage my time more wisely. I really like that.
I guess it falls under SMARTER to make choices. A definitely smart choice was to stop drinking coke and I’ve actually had ups and down’s with that choice but still working on it! To me, a smart choice was to stop eating meat and that I don’t intend to break.

I’ve grown more and more reasonable. I don’t look at the world from only my point of view. I’m not fit into a box and I don’t follow patterns. I’ve had some lessons taught to me by  burns on my own skin, from my own doings. I’ve mentioned this before. Scars that lead me have a fear of repeating my mistake again which I think will make me more careful with my words and actions and a better person overall.
That lesson being not taking anybody or anything anybody does for me for granted. It’s really important for me and ever since I learned that lesson, I have been able to notice it being done on me by many of my ”friends”. Which also, sadly, lead to a couple of heartbreaks that keep going till no.

Particularly, not being thankful and taking for granted for everything one has done for you – is what one of my friends did to me. Sadly, that also made me quite bitter from 2013 till now.
I honestly don’t have the patience sometimes to fight over who was right and who was wrong. Especially if I believe I was right, I just leave it at that and don’t care further on. I know that kind of demolishes my reason that I mentioned, but it’s with certain people that regularly piss me off.
Makes me less compassionate sometimes.

Also working on that but with the right people, it never shows . (:
I don’t wanna say I’ve changed a lot. Many would say it’s just growing up, that I matured a little bit and that’s it. That may be true and it terrifies me as well, just a smidge.
But eh, that’s all I have to say. (:

Have you guys noticed any recent change for yourself? 

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