A Deer

I know I should be getting around to my post, my challenge and I am, I have it ready but I feel like it needs a little bit of tweking. I thought I would draw something. Something that I have never tried to draw before. I don’t draw at all frequently anymore, I used to. Now I don’t either find the time or I am just not inspired enough. But I do like art none the less and photography. Just can’t get around to it myself. This time,I choose a deer.
Why? Well, as mentioned, it never came across my mind I can actually draw a deer. And they’re pretty complicated in my opinion. I can’t draw a horse, or a dog. I think it turned out descent though…


I’m sorry the picture isn’t the best quality but I was honestly rushing it. I just wanted to show you guys. The nose kind of reminds me of a kittie nose…doesn’t it? His eyes could’ve gone better. Kind of look like human eyes. AND I CANT DO HUMAN EYES WHEN I DRAW HUMANS. Ugh. And his left leg is kind of wabbly and out of shape, but it’s really hard to draw! I also hate drawing human hands, or animal paws and legs. It seems so easy and so simple when I see other people drawing, but when I try, it looks like this…

Paws, let’s not even mention that.
Basically, I’m realizing, it doesn’t look all that good. I think what I like best are her ears. Yes and it’s a she. Her name is Susan. Don’t be rude and say hello. ^_^

What do you guys think? Worth saving the paper?

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