Day 21: One of Your Favorite TV Shows

Ohhh yes! I don’t have a lot, honestly. I NEVER watch TV, literally. I barely watch something at my mom’s place. Maybe days like today when Harry Potter is on but never watch contionuesly to see what is new and what is on. At home, I don’t even have a TV so most of my shows we’re found very very late. Like the show Friends. Friends has been going on for years and I truly realized what it was and what’s it about, like, less than two years ago…. I KNOW.

I don’t watch a lot, but what I do watch I really love and I don’t think I can pick favorites. I really like Friends, Arrow, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Cosby show, Two and a half men, I used to like Sex And The City. I want to and don’t want to say I kind off-maybe-sort off-not really like Vampire Diaries. I have not, at all watched a full season all together so that’s why I can’t say I activily like it, but I have a few and what I saw, I liked.
When it just started and a season or two passed, it was also one of those mainstream things I didn’t want to follow and now, since I’m so far behind I’m like eh, nope. That is no real excuse though. The Walking Dead has been going on for AWHILE and I just realized about it at the beginning of last year and watched all 4 seasons in one breath. Basically.

Are there any TWD fans here?
I know who you’re loving the most if there aree. :3

I honestly think The Walking Dead IS one of my favorite shows, of all time. Next to Two and a half men, the only show I have been activily focusing on and following. I read the comics, I played the games and I loved all of it. So many tears were shed throughout the game, ugh. I can’t wait for more. And with great, very.very.very great impatience am I waiting for season 5 of the show.. Ah… “Next, on AMC is The Walking Dead”. I need to hear those words!
OH, but since I did mention Two and a half men, it’s seriously, SO GOOD! I love it. You know those shows where you become OBSESSED? Just, do nothing but watch it? I cried, I laughed, I cried and peed my pants at the same time. It’s just, good, it’s worth it. And to not ramble on, I’m gonna leave you with a Christmas poem! Might be more appropriate for Christmas time, but, who says I can’t write it again when the time’s right. ^_^

As this wonderful year, draws to an end, I send this note to family and friend.
So thankful are we for blessings galore, like Charlie’s fiancee.
A lady, not a whore.

And young master Jake is growing like a weed.
He makes us all proud, not a waste of my seed.
He tried his darndest in every class,
and made 10th grade by the skin of his as*.

And our sweet mother Evelyn had a small operation.
Her ‘secret garden’ needed rejuvination.

And what about the author of this Christmas poem?
He’s healthy and happy in his beautiful home.
And while some might argue that he’s just a leach,
it bothers him not; he lives at the beach.

Amazing right? Your mind is blown away. ^_^

I wanna hear your guy’s favorite shows. What are they? 

7 thoughts on “Day 21: One of Your Favorite TV Shows

  1. The only thing that I’ve watched on your list is The Cosby Show XD But I LOVE New Girl, That ’70s Show, How I Met Your Mother, and Attack on Titan and Death Note (animes).

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      1. Ashton is soooo cuuuuuute.
        Yes I totally do! I’m not huge into anime but my friend suggested it and I really liked it. Totally fell in love with like 2 characters too…

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