Day 20: How Important You Think Education is

I think it’s very important, especially now.

Basic education is the most important. I know school system’s go different for some country’s and in America; Elementary school is until the 6th grade, and then 7th and 8th grade are Junior High. And then, further up it’s High School and college. Doesn’t quite go as here.
Here, we have Elementary till the 8th grade and then it’s right on to High School.

So, by Serbian outlooks, Elementary is the most important.
You need to have your basics in there; Like reading, writing, counting etc. I never took school too seriously and right now, I regret it because it would’ve helped me as we speak.
I don’t think a world can live on without education, it’s how we grow and develop, as people. The more informed we get, the smarter and wiser we are and we honestly need that.
It honestly pisses me off when I see SO many people not having a clue about the smallest things technology for example requires. And I know that when someone says technology, you think of machines and greater things, but no, I’m talking about working a goddamn phone.

I don’t understand teenagers, especially in my country that rave about the IPhone’s and android phones they ache to get and need to set their language settings to Serbian. When you ask them why, the only thing I hear is excuses that they can’t bother to work with (such a complicated and twisted and tongue-wrenching language as) English. Really?
It’s not like they do too much with it. “Capture”, “Gallery”, “Messages”, “Make a new message”, ”Music”, “All songs”, “Call”, the green is answering a call, the red is denying it or hanging up. OH MY GOD SO MUCH ENGLISH. My head is pounding and twisting and it’s a hurricane.
WhatsApp and all of the applications don’t require much, everyone’s learns those.
Ugh, to me, it’s aggravating. It makes me on edge, as you can see.
Computers as well, laptops, IPod’s, whatever you find pleases you.

With how much technology is evolving,thankfully from higher education of some, I don’t think it’s fitting to not know the basics. If not for Technology and society, for yourself.

Bottom line, I think education is important.

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