Day 18: A Book You Could Read Over and Over Again and Never Get Sick Off.

Back to books, that’s always a delight! Really, this challenge didn’t have much book related tasks, mhm!

Well, this is sad. I don’t have that kind of book. When I first thought of this, I thought I wanted to mention The Fault In Our Stars and I really did love the book, but I am not sure if it’s a book I can re-read over and over and never get sick off it. I loved it, don’t get me wrong. Damn, I feel like ending the post here.
Really disappointing I know but honestly, I got into books fairly late. Just recently, and by that I mean maybe six months did I start activly reading books. I haven’t even read all of the Harry Potter books. Not all of them…

Well damn, I’m sorry this was a bust, kind off feel like sh*t now. I am disappointed in myself but I don’t wanna lie. I mean, I could’ve just blabbed on about some random book I thought of and make up some reasons as to why I love it and why it impresses me so much but it wouldn’t feel right. Sorry guys.
By the way, sorry this is going up so late. I am definitely sick. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

My head is hurting, my nose is like a waterfall, I’m dizzy, I’m just waiting for my temperature. -.- I’m really sorry for this post, but this kind of book does not exist, YET.

7 thoughts on “Day 18: A Book You Could Read Over and Over Again and Never Get Sick Off.

    1. You should, it’s good. If you have read the book, you’ll see that they pretty much stuck with the book. Bits and pieces are different but I liked they kept it as the book went. I love the book more, ’cause the movie didn’t capture specific and complex emotions Hazel and Augustus we’re feeling but it was good! Haha, bottom line: It was good! It made me stay on the edge of my seat the entire time, basically.


      1. It is. It doesn’t make you cry hysterically. The movie made me cry a little bit more. I mentioned in the post, love and sadness is the least of what I saw in either one. I saw bravery and intelligence most of all.


  1. I get what you’re saying..I also got into books way too late and as much as I’ve loved with all my heart some of the ones I’ve read( TFIOS being one of them) I can’t re-read them, I only re-read TFIOS again but it was in audio so I technically didn’t re-read it.
    Get well soon !

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