Day 17: Your Highs and Lows Of This Past Year

I don’t wanna say this year is already ending… but it kind off is. Slowly yet so fastly. But does it mean this year or…? Eh, I’ll just do it like my fellow bloggers! Past year, as in from September 2013.
I honestly don’t think I can remember. My brain stopped functioning all of a sudden. What happened this year, what happened last year?


  • Meeting Bojana! Since last year, first year of HighSchool started for me and me being the introvert and a quiet bug I am, I was kind off anxious about it. Not that I worried If I’ll fit it or anything, I just didn’t want it to be a total bust. But, she actually enrolled in the school and left to another, right after a few days. But not a week past before she came back and it was luck! If I wasn’t early that morning and saw her waiting around to see where exactly are our classes, who knows with who in the class she’d end up with. I am so glad “I got to her” first. I swear, I am so happy about that, she’s great! My favorite out of everyone for sure.
  • Finding love for Chemistry! This might sound weird but my school is a Chemistry school and in Junior High, we only had two years of it and it was not my favorite subject. I had B’s always in the end because I had an amazing teacher really, and she kind of kept me into it but the subject itself was eh. Plus, when I first enrolled, my mom was scared because in all of her education, she had ONE year of Chemistry and that was meer basics so she can’t help me even now. So basically, finding love for it and having a GREAT teacher, was really lucky! Without it, I’d pretty much fail everything. It’s a Chemistry school.
  • Great winter! Aaaah, when I remember, it was glorious! Best winter ever. Nothing special happened but the weather was divine! I do like snow sometimes and winter itself, but the cold I cannot stand. We maybe had one week of really hard winds, one week of meeh rain and one beautiful week of true,real snow. And it was timed perfectly, right around Christmas time. Everything else? We were in hoodies! Like, delayed-long-term fall! ❤
  • Staying in contact with Mike! Erm, yeah, haha.
  • Finishing first year of highschool. Smoothly. Hehe.
  • Meeting Kevin! My dear friend who made my blog a possiblity now, to write this post in. 🙂 ❤
  • Encounter with old friends! I got in close contact with one of my oldest online friends so far! My dear friend Poroner. (<- nick) ❤
  • HOW COULD I FORGET! Getting The Fault In Our Stars! AAAAA how did I forget! Yes! I got the freaking pack! Lord of The Rings and Hobbit in one and The Fault in our stars, the original! WANTING IT FOR SO LONG. Gad, I am so stupid ;w;


  • I gained weight. Hahahah, yeah. I felt it was important to leave that in.
  • Breaking my LoTR mug. It was definitely a sad moment for my year.
  • Very very bad summer. At least, by the definition of summer it was bad, but it wasn’t so bad for me. I mean, weather wise. It was the f-ing worst summer for all of my Facebook friends which I would know, since I knew what they were doing every moment of their day throughout the summer – Sitting on Facebook all day because of either constant rain or winds, writing statuses on Facebook about how bored they are and what they could be doing if it wasn’t raining. But I felt kind of off this summer and things weren’t so smooth in my head, so I kind of enjoyed it. Hehe. In yo face!
  • Hearing Nicki Minaj’s new song. My anaconda don’t, my anaconda don’t, my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun. .-. After that song, they wouldn’t let her walk through the door of some schools and let her give speeches and she wonders why.

Is it possible that I can’t think of anything more…
No, actually, there’s been A LOT of lows but that’s too detailed. I guess, the year itself was very dull and boring and full of sad moments that can’t be categorized. Like, I was sad because my cat died. (Please no, never. Ever). But yeah.
I hope your guy’s year was great thou!

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