Day 16: Your Views On Mainstream Music

What is there to say?

Basically, when something becomes mainstream it means everybody is listening to it on a extreme level, raving about it but it is truly not anything spectacular. It is overrated. I don’t like that nor do I care for such things. I am that kind of person who will not listen to a song, or wear a certain piece of clothing or watch some TV show or movie if it’s way too popular instantly. I love to see excitement and joy out of someone, loving what they’re listening too.
Okay, when Demi Lovato’s song, Really Don’t Care just came out, I was in school and everyone was listening to it. Everyone had it on their phones the day it got published and I asked, What Are You Listening Too, ”Oh have you heard! Demi has a new song out. Let’s hear it together! *plays it* Wooo! *starts dancing* ”.
”What’s it about?”
”I’m not sure, I didn’t listen to the lyrics but it’s good!”.
._.  At least know if you’re going to rave about something, what you are raving about and why.

When Frozen just came out, this was awhile back. But when Frozen just came out, people saw the movie and took the love for it way too far. I didn’t watch the movie until about, 7 months after it was published. I didn’t want too because everyone I have heard say anything about it, it was, ”Oh my god! Sooo good! Disney did it again! So amazing! ugh, beautiful.”, ”Why did you like it?”, ”I JUST DID! Elsa, take over the wooooooooorrld!”. Calm down.
I didn’t feel the need to watch it. It’s good, it’s a good movie but it’s NOT THAT special. It’s everything you’d expect from a Disney movie.
A girl, being special in her own way, always had to be closeted about who she really is lived her life in fear of judgement off others. Things happened and she decided to finally let go, embrace her powers and show the world and let the world know what she is capable off. The plot I guess. Being true to yourself. That’s great, very smart and needed for pre-teens and teens. Awesome!
But it was overrated. A very very simple movie in my opinion.

I got off track here, the subject is mainstream music. Everything that is mainstream is in my opinion just a copy of something else. Music in this particular subject, being exactly the same theme, just in different beats and rhythm. Sadly, when something is very catchy, it get’s stuck in my head pretty easily but I get bored of it. I’ll refuse to listen to mainstream music. I may hear it, just to see what’s going on and to be in contact with everything, but it bores me. Hearing the same things over and over again. Overplayed things.
I can’t say, I do like the Really Don’t Care song right now, even though, out of sheer carefulness for myself, I don’t enjoy listening to it often. I feel hypocritical.

Why I mostly hate jumping on mainstream trains is because I’ll end up hating it. I still do, even avoiding the songs. Even if I personally don’t listen to it, I have friends who will and who’ll play it on repeat non stop and I’ll be like ”Turn that flipping thing off! I hate that song!” because I’m sick of hearing about it. It’s what doesn’t draw me to actually listen to it myself until it becomes the second best thing. Some might call it childish behaviour, some a prejudge, but It’s just the way I am.

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