Day 15: Write 15 Facts About Yourself.

Why are facts so hard to come up with. The title originally says 15 interesting facts but I feel like I’d let you down from the start. I am not very interesting you guys and I feel like I repeat myself. Eh!, Let’s give it a try!

  1. I love The punk style. I can’t pull it off. It’s not who I am, but I love it. Absolutely. If I could pull off the edgy hair that looks oh so cool to me, have it died in black and hot pink, all those wrist bands, and that cool style of clothing, Gothic kind off but so cool. I’ve always thought about experimenting and trying it out but I know it’s just not me, so I feel like it’s not right. Or appreciated.
  2. I dislike everything mainstream. I am that kind of person who will refuse to listen, watch or wear something that’s way too trendy or that everyone is raving about, even though I didn’t even watch it, try it, or listen to it. I just don’t want to and that might be a prejudge. I’ll admit that, but I’ll watch it, wear it or like it when it stops being so popular. When it just becomes the second best thing.
  3. I’m starting to love change. In my look. I am realizing that I love to change my hair a lot and just experiment with it. Not like dying it, no. I love my color and the quality of my hair too much to dye it or curl it (since its naturally straight), a.k.a damage it, but different hairstyles, lengths and etc. I don’t know why, but I’m self-conscious, so I’ll probably never get around to making it a reality.
  4. I love my eyes. I just simply do. I don’t wear make-up, almost at all. I only wear mascara, and that is too define my eyes more. I naturally have TINY eyes, but you can’t know that because of my glasses. I have a very high prescription and the magnifying glass makes them look bigger and mascara even more prettier. I love my shape, my color! Hold on..!

    My eye

    This was taken last summer, my eyelashes are wet, that’s why they look weird and it was taken by accident. My eye color changes, always but it’s NEVER just ONE color. It’s always a mix and I actually think, no matter how cliché it sounds, that the color changes in addition to my mood. Hehe.

  5. I am a spender. I think I’ve mentioned this before in a blogpost but briefly, I hope. Money itches me in my pocket. I am willing to save up, I truly am and I have no problem with it, unless I am the one keeping my money. I’m not afraid to say that. Until I have money, I’m going to spend it and if not, my subconscious will itch me, how do I spend it. It’s very bad, especially since I ache for independence and that is not a good start, but with the right person and the right support, It can be turned around easily. I mean it!
  6. I am terrified of heights. Just, nope.
  7. I’m scared of staying out alone. This means exactly what it says. Not in my house, I don’t like too much company or too many people around me. I am an introvert. But if we go out, and there’s more than two of us, don’t try to scare me and hide somewhere for more than a minute but leave me completely alone. Especially if it’s after 8 at night! I swear, I get really scared and if you try to frighten me, I will cry a little bit. Don’t do that. 😦
  8. On that note, I am scared of going out after 9:30. If I am out with friends the entire day and I walk home or go home with them and it’s after 9:30, then I’m fine and I go home. (Actually even then, I rush down my building. Just in case, you know). But If I am home already and I want to go out, for whatever reason ALONE, It’s not a pleasant thought for me. If there is time for me to go and be back by 10, I MAY go out but run. After 10, NOPE.
  9. I have two stuffed animals at my mom’s place. I love stuffed animals but I feel weird buying them honestly, so I stick to my two. I have a little yellow, fluffy as the clouds, teddy bear and a puppy.
  10. When I was a baby, I almost died from chocking on a sip of milk. Yep.
  11. I love the show Rebelde. It wasn’t aired on TV for YEARS now, it’s an old show. It started in 2004 and I’m sure some of you may have heard of it. It’s a soap opera, Spanish soap opera. Don’t judge. It’s a band as well, formed from the show. I was little when it started, and I remember a certain group from my class wanted to form a group like theirs. I was the head. Mia Colucci. We used to sing in front of the class and make fools out of ourselves. But it was fun! And from it, I learned quite a lot of Spanish.
  12. I sadly bite my nails. I KNOW, IT’S BAD. IT’S A HABIT, THAT CAN BE FIXED. But, cupcakes. Frosting cupcakes. I’m getting better though, I don’t do it as often but I wish I could stop, all at once.
  13. I’ve had a real problem with head lice when I was little. If you’ve ever had head lice you know what a pain it is and I feel you. It is so annoying and so frustrating. Especially if you had beautiful, insanely thick hair as me. I remember I always had to have my hair insanely short. UGH. It’s such a waste.
  14. I plan things way too much. 
  15. I am an only child and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This was a lot harder than I thought…

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