Reminiscing About the Past

Hellow everyone. I hope everyone is having a grand time. I also hope that everyone who isn’t, starts feeling better as soon as possible! I myself am not feeling that grand for the past few days. I’ve been kind of sick the past week and the week before. I had a few days “off” but the cold came back. Rain really finished me up. Plus, the weekend and Monday were very busy, very fast, I had to rush everything and time flew. I mentioned I’ve been snappy with my blogposts as well and I’m trying to fix that. And the past few days, life has been just a blur. I’m either wasting my time or hurting because of something.Eh.
But it’s all good, it’s all good.

Right now, I am sitting at home. Didn’t go to school because of my cold and I am kind of glad at the moment. I really didn’t feel like dragging myself up there, it will rain again and I don’t want to take my chances. I’m feeling woozy. I need sleep but I really don’t want to waste my day. I spent the morning laying in bed and thinking about time. How it flies and how it runs in seconds, and every second that passes is gone. Kind of morbid thoughts when you stop to realize.
No one likes to think about the time and years that are behind them. I mean, I’m only 16 and I feel like the past 6 years have been, nowhere. Absolutely gone, and all I can do is move forward to 17. Wait till April.
I don’t like that. I wish I could turn back time and do things differently and just manage my time and doings more wisely. But I guess that’s a part of growing up, at least that’s what I remember my parents (and all others) saying. We’ll look back and ask ourselves where the cupackes have we been, and why didn’t we do the things we were told we should do.
I strongly regret not paying attention to school earlier, but ugh. I wouldn’t say it’s nostalgic thinking per say. I don’t suffer for my past. I wouldn’t say that the years behind me were the best years and that’s why I want them back or suffer from the thought of having them gone. No, quite the opposite. They weren’t the best years of my life but if I had done things differently, or at least had the chance too, I would now.
I’ve been sad, and this reminiscing phase, I guess you could say, kind of bums me even more. I don’t have quite a lot of nice things to look back at, even though it wasn’t all bad. But when things get rough, in my mind, the bad over-rules and overwhelms the good. But it’s not healthy to think about it, is it. I don’t want to think about that.
Let’s not waste today.

I promise to be more… I don’t know what’s missing in my posts, but something is. Enthusiasm? That’s because I’m sick. Depth? I’m always tired. Even now, and kind off, not in a good mood. Especially two nights ago, ooh, that was a cry fest right there. But, whatever the problem is, I’ll fix it. I do apologize though. I wanna make my day shine with rainbows.
Now, since dad is off to work, and I’m left alone, I do have a tiny bit of money but I want to save that for later and not buy junk food out of it instead of food. So, i’ll make fries and eat ketchup. Hehe.
I’m gonna go peal some potato’s and get to frying! Yummy-yum-yum!

2 thoughts on “Reminiscing About the Past

  1. Hope you feel better soon! I’ve got a cold too… meh :/ I know exactly what you mean about the seconds passing and thinking about that makes me really sad and kinda upset. I wish I could stay my current age for a lot longer. I guess what we have to do is just stay in the present and appreciate the moment… and the time we’re in. That sounds really cheesy, right? 🙂 But it’s so hard to remain in the moment, especially if you’re feeling sad or unwell!

    Well, I hope your cold goes away soon and you have a fantastic day/good night XD

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    1. Oh thank you for your kind words! ❤ I hope you feel better too!
      I know, I would love to stay my age as well. Maybe a couple years younger, it wouldn't hurt. I am scared of the future.

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