Day 10: Your Guilty Pleasure (Or Pleasures!)

Well, erm, I don’t think I have one of those. What is a guilty pleasure exactly? I’ve heard people say the show Orange Is The New Black is a guity pleasure show they watch. Like, something that isn’t truly acceptable or good in society but that you still do? Hold on.
Yes… I understand.

Definitely one of my guilty pleasures is wasting money on useless things for school. My money itches me in my pocket when I have it regulalry and I always waste it. In the moment I can give you about 10 reasons as to why I truly need it right at that moment,reason that stop making sense to me after I realize I could’ve saved my money. A very frequent situation is that I for example, go and buy the freaking thing, spend my money and be like, Now im good, Im happy, I don’t need anything else. An hour passes and I’m hungry or something and I’m like, ”If I hadn’t spent that freaking money…ugh”. I think everyone feels that way when they waste their money on McDonalds if you eat it. I know that happens to you too.
BUT, I love to do it at the same time. I loove wasting my money on some mechanical pencils that are way too expensive, even though they have 3 marks more than the cheaper kinds. I just love it and I love organizing everything in my room. It’s kind off bad.
Here I am talking about wanting my own place and wanting to be independant, but I splurge with the little money I have. But thankfully, posts like this help me say it ”out loud” and realize how bizzare I sound. It gives me a concious about it. Next time, I’ll think of this and stop myself. Hehe.

I can’t think of anything else…  Coke used to be my guilty pleasure.
I wanna say the Sex & The City show but I wouldn’t say I feel guilty about liking that. I realize it’s juvenile most of the times but I don’t know, I’ve grown to it.
I think honestly wasting money at times is my biggest one. I know how bad it is, but sometimes it feels so good… In the moment, heh.

I hope you guys have had the best day. I myself had a reallly fun, simple day with my friends David and Bojana. We were laughing soo hard! I wish you guys the same.
Sorry my posts have been short and snappy lately but I’m so tired these days. The past few days were busy and action packed so. I’ll slow down a little down.
Have it grand!

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