Day 9: If You Could Have any Job In The World, What Would It be?

A writer.

If you could see all of my notebooks, all that I have written over the past years, all of my attepts, you could see how passionate I am about it. It doesn’t show in my posts because my blog is to fill that hole. I’ll never become a writer I would want to be and write books I would want to write, so I write here, about what I want, in a smaller sense.

I wouldn’t write so much as inspirational labeled books, motivational and guides through life. I would find a way to blend my creativity and imagination with it. Through my made up or inspired stories.
One thing I also dream about is my own, private, work space. It doesn’t have to be something big or extravagant, I need my own little nuck.
With a wide and spacious desk I would find beautiful, my computer or laptop in the middle, a night lamp on one side and a cup of tea on the other. Maybe those old wooden bookcases filled with all of my beloved books. The ones I love to read and the ones that would inspire me to write as soon as I would walk through the door.
That room would also have to have a little space for a shelf, that would be filled with everything I had and wrote in my younger ages. Let’s say, ten years from now, it would contain most of my notebooks and writing from this period.
A nice, warm, fluffy carpet maybe, just to make the room a little bit more interesting. A nice comfy chair with a wider armrest where my cup of tea would stay, where I can lay into, in my over-sized sweater and cozy up. I always imagine snow lightly falling outside. Lovely thoughts, lovely thoughts indeed.

Plenty of little details I could add, but the post would be way too long to write. Also writing this now, so early in the new day to avoid rushing and worrying I won’t be able to post it later. Also a packed day. I have school very early, that’s the only downside of me writing this now. Right after school, I have to rush back home, get ready and leave to my now, BROTHERS birthday. Little brother, he’s turning 3. ❤
That actually will be a party and will go on till late at night. Let’s not chance it.
Love you guys, hope you have a peaceful night.

7 thoughts on “Day 9: If You Could Have any Job In The World, What Would It be?

  1. Aww, that sounds so cute and cozy! ^w^
    Im sure you will get that dream… one day or another ;3

    And good luuuuck tomorrow (today)!! I will talk to you then ^w^

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  2. I love the mental image created with the cosy atmosphere description – oversized jumpers and tea!! And a carpet! Ooh, it could be a magic carpet, no?

    And happy birthday to your brother 🙂 AWW he must be adorable!!! (My sister turned three earlier this year – they could be friends!)

    Liked by 1 person

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