Day 5: Your Favorite Comfort Foods and Why

What do you choose as a specific comfort food when you eat all the flipping time, anything you can get?
I think this is very very common but I don’t eat when I’m really really happy, that happiness doesn’t allow me to eat. I’d much rather dance around my house or squeal at the thought of whatever made me happy. But, I so eat, a lot, when I am sad, or stressed, or even worried. I need something to ocupy myself and what better way than food?
Buuut, what are my comfort foods… I eat everything I can get at the moment. (That’s not true at all, I am a little picky bi*ch).

I appreciate food you guys. It’s so yummy! Moostly love;

Vanilla ice cream! None other ice cream as my comfort food, nope. Only and exclusively vanilla ice cream. There’s something so mildy sweet and calm and at the same time re-freshing taste, makes me feel better right away. Like someone blashed sunshine on me. It does something when I do eat it. You guys know what I’m talking about, it’s like magic.

Fruit! Erm hehe, I’m serious. I can never get enough of fruit generally, but when I’m sad or stressed or in pain, I love for my mom to make me a varied/multifarious fruit salad! No ice cream on top, no whipped cream on top, nuffin. Do I need to say why, it’s fuit. It’s re-freshing, it’s healthy, it practically smiles at you with all the pretty colors. Yum! … I want a fruit salad right now!

I know most of you are expecting chocolate to be in this list but I actually don’t enjoy chocolate all that much. I know, gasp. Take a deep breath.
I honestly think that’s it. There’s not much because when I’m sad, sure, I do eat, but I mostly sleep too. Stressed, sad, worried, however. I try to sleep on it and get away from it.
Anyway, I’m sorry this was sooo lame but I eat all the time guuys. I hope you guys have a great day! Toddles!

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