5 Biggest Insects In the World

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this person in my posts before. Actually I’m sure I haven’t. I hope that at least one person reading will know who he is or at least heard of him. Known mostly on YouTube as: Dean Leysen. 
Please tell you gasped there because you know who he is. Hehe.
I found out about him, I THINK two years ago, I can’t keep track of time anymore. What first attracted me to his videos are his videos related to religion/atheism. I am always interested in hearing new things on the subject. To an extent at least. But, that’s not the point!
The point is that he is a brilliant man, who makes videos not longer than 4 minutes per video, about everything, but always manages to amaze you. Basically, I think that anything that may have crossed your mind for a split second, you can find in one of his videos. And he’s benefitial for learning new words and terms, hehe.

If I could, I would make a post for each and every one of his videos and my comments to them and explination to how awesome they are but here, I wanna make you watch this video.

I don’t know why for any reason except that I wanna adress how freaking scared I am of bugs/insects…
Kill me right now if I have to see any of these bugs in front of me, because I will faint to my eternal sleep. I swear. I am, terrified. Especially anything that flies, oh my flipping god. Even a moth can scare me if it comes my way too fast without me knowing and I will scream, with no problem. Not to mention bees, wasps, bumble bees, HORNETS. Please no.
I’m not sure which of the 5 included scare me the most.

The Titan Beetle honestly scares me the least. It’s absolutely gross but I could live with it, if it was 15 feets away from me. Heh. It looks like it has a zipper on it’s shaft.
It reminds me of a humongoue cockroach.
The Atlas moth is just big and scary. It doesn’t eat, and even if it did, it would eat plants. But if that thing flapped it’s wings, I swear, dead people would come alive.
The Tarantula hawk is also known as Satan.
Chan’s mega stick is just ew. I don’t ever wanna see that thing move, it would just be disturbing to watch. Ewewewew

Ok… Ok… Spiders. No. Just no. The Giant huntsman. My stomach is making 360 turns, forwards and backwards just looking at the picture. I’m not even going to include it, watch the video, Dean’s example is quite enough. Spiders, one of my biggest fears. I sh*t you not guys, if i walked into a room and saw that, my heart would stop. I would be paralyzed, competely. It is not even funny…

I’m sorry if for some this was a traumatic post, there must be some of you who hate insects as much as me. But I wanted to add a little more to the post than just me rambling about how I hate insects. They’re scary you guys. I can’t even kill a baby spider. I look at it, scream, run out of the room and call whoever is in the house. And until it’s dead, squashed, turned into dust, I’m not going back. ;_;
Ugh… I hope you guys share my fears. It’s scary stuff.

8 thoughts on “5 Biggest Insects In the World

  1. Ewewewew Q.Q *manly tears (I promise x3)*
    Im quite scared of bugs actually ;w; Smaller ones are eh, but if they are like bigger than 5 cm, nope nope nope x3
    And I must say “The Tarantula hawk is also known as Satan.” That made me laugh x3
    Though the Tarantula hawk wasn’t so bad on picture or Chan’s mega stick o.o
    But spiders… Like I said, small is fine, I can deal with them and such, but over like 5-7 cm, hell NO ;__;
    And just to see a Tarantula or that Huntsman or ANY big spiders, I get shivers down my spine and the feeling that they are under my bed/chair/sofa. I HATE them @w@
    Ofc I would like go against them if they where in my house, but with protection and weapons Q.Q

    Looking past that you gave me nightmares, this was a good post! x3

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