Day 4: Your Views On Religion.

I’ve been waiting for this one. A subject I at the same time loathe but love to talk about, ’cause I have such strong opinions on it and, I don’t know. I just stand by what I say 100% but it’s not like, I am not reasonable. I have thought off every possibility, every aspect of the topic, and I just, erm. Yeah, let’s get into it.

I am an atheist, I don’t believe in the existance of God. The choice was mine to make throughout my life. My dad is also, my mom doesn’t know what she believes so they never forced anything upon me. It was actually never a subject in the house. Religion angers me a lot, in many cases.

Needless to say that anything that church has to offer as evidence or any explanation I’ve heard, doesn’t make sense to me. I need scientifical proof. I believe in science and chemistry. I can see it happening and the risks and benefits fall under my daily life. Religion is full of holes. Aside from that, it’s a template, pattern made in a time in which people had no education whatsoever and were completely told what is right and what is wrong. It was the perfect strike for them. No one could say anything against it ’cause it was the only thing they knew. A pattern made by PEOPLE mind you, for people to follow as it is. That’s the rule, that’s how it’s done, that’s how you have to do it, that’s it. Religion is selfish.
If by chance, as evolution grew and we came to where we are, if by chance someone disagreed with that pattern, even though they make a fairly good point, it was wrong and that person is descriminated for who they are. How is that fair? The only excuse I’ve heard people give in defense of religion is that it containts something good and represents something holy and something that wants to take everyone on the right path in life. Or God wants to do all these things. That he loves everyone and everything and if you are good, God will reward you.
I’m sorry, but does God pick favorites or something? The Bible says God loves all humans because he’s the one who created them, but yet, non believers, even though they’re human beings and achieved many great things in all right ways, are told by priests and many believers that they’re going to hell because they don’t believe?
That’s what get’s me mad the most. Judgement and unfairness it creates among people.

Being religious doesn’t mean that you’re by default a good or a better human being from a non believer. At all, by any means. I’m not saying that it means you’re worse, but in no way do you get more credit as a human for having the label ”religious” tapped to your forehead. You are not any more, or any less worthy. What makes you more worth as a person is your acts through life.
Saying a religious person is BY DEFAULT more worthy than an atheist, just because that person goes to church and lights a candle and says a prayer  is like saying a murderer will still go to heaven and be forgiven because he does the same thing. If anything, most religious people I have met have ceased to be very very judgemental and closed-minded people.Why? Because of the pattern they were taught to follow. I find it very interesting how Christians and all types of religions say never kill, never insult, never misjudge and all these wonderful traits, but somehow, Cristians take God as an excuse for insulting and midjudging atheistm and satanism and others. If it’s in God’s favor and God’s protection, it’s right. No, it’s not.

Label’s don’t come in a package with good qualities.

I don’t mean to offend any people who are religious and still are open-minded about the subject. That’s absolutely great and I don’t mean to offend anyone but this is just how I see it. It’s unfair and wrong in so many cases. Extreme believers need to take it down a notch.
For me, a line is crossed where a religious person comes to me and offends ME, as a person because of what I believe. Telling me I have no morality, are unable to care for people because I don’t keep God in my life and are not worthy of anything good because I think the one who ”created us” doesn’t exist. I’ll then, judge you as a person as well. As a rude, judgemental, closed-minded person with no right to tell me what I am like, without knowing me. Just as you would say if I attacked you first. Let’s just be fair.

7 thoughts on “Day 4: Your Views On Religion.

  1. I hope you don’t mind that I am leaving a comment but like you, I feel very strongly about this topic and just felt compelled to say something. I hate labels, but since I do believe in God and pray and attend church, by default I am a Christian in your eyes and in anyones eyes. But in my eyes, I do not believe in labeling anyone as anything. I just believe and love God. Thats it. Now, you are completely right. I myself have come across many Christians who are judgmental and close minded and think they are superior to others just because they believe in God, well on their behalf, I would like to apologize to you (if you have ever come across this kind of person). Because those kinds of “Christians” are actually going against EVERYTHING God stands for. Everything “Christianity” stands for. They forget that we are all human, and we ALL WILL make mistakes, whether we believe in God or not. Therefore, I just really wanted to tell you that I believe you have the wrong idea about God and religion, and I cannot blame you as to why you do. I am not trying to push my beliefs down your throat or anything, but if this is something you are passionate about, maybe you owe it to yourself to be open minded and hear what, in turn, an open minded Christian has to say.


    1. I am open minded, but every Christian that IS open minded, never got into a conversation with me about it. We just left it as, You believe, I don’t, that’s great.
      I don’t like religion simply because there shouldn’t be anything in this world that MAKES people be like those, closed minded Christians. It’s religion, and in many cases, parents that fill the child’s mind. If the child is raised in a religious household.
      Where they teach the child they shouldn’t hang out with ‘non-believers’ because they are sinful people.
      That’s what I’m standing against when it comes to religion and belief systems.
      I respect your decision, go to church, do whatever you feel is right to your heart to do when it comes to God, all is great, but I don’t like what it can create in a wider sense.

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