Day 3: Your Top 5 Pet Peeves.

I have to think hard about this one… There’s not much that annoys me and whatever does annoy me, kinda swifts off to a more serious subject. Like someone judging something or someone, misrepresenting something. Eeeh. Erm, okay, let’s give it a go.

#1: Screaming. This can be easily confused with loud laughing. No, I am a loud-laugher myself, sometimes even sqeaky giggling but I mean the legit yelling where it creates static in your ears. I have a group in my class that when they laugh (they exaggarate), it either creates a mini jumpscare because it’s quiet, quiet, quiet, tranquil, BOOM! And it’s really annoying, it kind of hurts my head a little when it goes on and on and on and on and on. It’s not even that funny!

Also, when someone is standing a feet away from me and feel the need to yell at me, whether it be to call me over or tell me something, or even are mad at me and need to confront me. Please don’t SCREAM. Even yelling isn’t as bad, but don’t scream. You have the ability to lower your voice for a reason. ;-;

#2:  Treating your pet badly/blindly. If you have a cat, parrot, dog, bunny, even snanke, alligator, whatever your animal may be, Know What You Have It For. You either have it to love it, you love animals, you love taking care of it, you know you’ll have fun and etc. Don’t get an animal out of behoof. When I see people, grown people, having a cat and the cat jumps on their sofa or jumps on the table and they make a 20 minute fit yelling at the cat and pushing it off like it was a toy, because it jumped… It’s a cat. It’s free. You knew this when you got it and took responsiblity to take care of it, feed it and all. You can’t expect it to sit around and not do anything. It learns too you know. She/he can learn not to do that, BUT THROUGH TIME and through patience. You didn’t learn to pee on your potty the first time around either.

#3: Celf-centeredness. People who are obsessed with talking about themselves and only of themselves. You’re having a conversation with someone and you mention somehing another relates too even remotely and they jump in the middle of your word and start describing their experience. That’s okay, as long as you resiprocate and let someone else talk and you just add up to the story, but not talk about yourself non stop. I’ve had that problem before, actually with a former friend, I won’t mention his name, but yes. He was one of those people that the concept of asking someone how they are doing is directly an opportunity for them. No matter how YOU feel, he starts the conversation with himself and goes on and on. Anything you’re going through, he goes ”Yeah its been worse for me, I’ve…” and never helps you really.

#4: Animal abuse for sure. Ugh. Do I even to say more? I hope every sane person can agree on this that this is just WRONG. Liked the animal or not, loved it or not, HATED IT OR NOT, you do not molest it or abuse it. For goodness sake. Don’t push the cat who crossed your way or because it just prances on the street minding her own business, LET HER BE. It goes for ANY kind of abuse, ”mild” or extreme cases. Have some self control please.
If anything, you are not any more worthy than any animal on this earth. It deserves respect and love just as much as you, and if you think it deserves horror and pain, think that you just may even more, because you’re wishing it. Ugh, gross!

#5: People messing with my stuff. I’m not saying I am some typically organized person and that everything is in it’s place in my house/room, but when housegets or strangers come in and tend to touch everything, take books and not put the back, look over my notebooks, touch my computer, eeeh, that’s not pleasant for me. It annoys me and I have a tendency to be like a cop when that happens. Just don’t touch my stuff, without me showing you first. Or, touch it but put it back. My books are very important to me and how they are placed, they are most likely placed like that for a reason.

I realized half way through that I have a loooot of pet peeves actually. It became hard to include just 5. But alright! I’m kinda ”excited” for Day 4. Touchy subject, but I have a lot to say on it.  I hope some of you can relate to these… Isn’t at least one of them annoying?
Have a great day everyone!

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