Day 2: Where You’d Like to Be In Ten Years.

Oii… erm, well, I. *sigh*…

Okay, let’s re-cap. In ten years I’ll be about 26, turning 27, I’ll finish highschool in a little more than 2 years.
The future scares me, I’ll be frank. I don’t like to think about this because the future makes me poop my pants. Everything is possible, as well as the good, and the bad. It all depends on me right? All on me? All on my decisions? Oi… can’t I just stay in school?

I’d love to have finished highschool really well, maybe even by some miracle get into college. That would benefit me a ton. Hopefully I’d manage to get into a college that would interest me and that’s Philological college. My dream was always to work with things related to languages, books and writing, art. Be it writer, artist, translator, teacher of a foreign language, tourist guide even. I love travelling.

Honestly, I’d MOSTLY love to move. To move out of here as soon as I possibly can. I probably wouldn’t be able to right away ’cause I live in a poor poor country and therefore pays are very small comparing to an average Swedish or German pay. A pay for a month in Serbia is a week’s pay in Sweden, literally. But, I’m kind of hoping life will treat me well at least a little. I’ve always had this idea to moving to America which has been my dream ever since I was 5. Where specifically? I have no idea… I just know I wanna get out of here.
Get me out of here! I wasn’t meant to be born here.
Anywhoooo. I’d hope that at this point I would already be moved in with my boyfriend in some (not necessarily) small apartment/house, planning for a big future, if not married already. I’ve actually liked to have KIDS at this age, 26-27-28, seems ideal to me. Not right away on my 20’s but I know I wouldn’t like to wait over my 35th year to have my first child. (Taking in that everything is able to go alright and smooth). So, maybe even plan children at this point. That’s what I’d like.
I have someone in mind I would love to do it all with *cough* but erm, this is what I’d LIKE. This is not what will happen, I can bet 90% but from this point, there’s not much else I can say.

From this point of view, as off now, my biggest wish for the next ten years is to finish all of my education well, and everything else goes from there.

Oh, fun fact! It is 8;30 am. I woke up at 6:30, getting ready to go to school. I leave my house at 6:50, come just beside my school and realize my classes don’t start until 14h this week. This day started out well!

10 thoughts on “Day 2: Where You’d Like to Be In Ten Years.

      1. Oh, it’s beautiful here. It can get really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. Spring and Fall are nice. There’s lots of hills. And grass. And…well, I can’t think of anything else. We do seem overrun with car dealerships. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

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      2. I answered you in my head and not for real. Sorry!
        I like that Fall and Spring are the best, they are my preferences when it comes too seasons. Too hot weather is a no no for me.
        I would loove to see all of it! I just may vacation there or something.


      3. Mmmm I wanna say YES! I think winter is so nice,so romantic, so magical, especially in the mountains! But the cold… Just a little less cold. ;_;


  1. Great post as always ^w^
    I think and hope that your dreams come true, even if not exactly like you want it..
    You deserve everything you’ve said here :3

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