Day 1: Your Current Relationship, If Single Discuss Being Single.

Well, here goes nothing! This is a touchy subject I don’t typically talk about, I don’t know why. It’s a debatable subject for me, lot’s of bits and pieces that need to be explained in order for you to understand.
No, I am not in a relationship currently. My last relationship was over a year ago, to be specific… a year and three months ago. I can’t believe it’s been so long, where did my freaking year go. I didn’t feel it, damn.
But, Long-distance relationships. I know that’s a topic most people dislike and have stereotypical thoughts on, but I believe in them and have had them. My last relationship was long-distance and it was wonderful. The distance, which was quite far, never represented a problem. More so, our personal issues that occured in the mean time. It’s not, not being able to meet someone physically, it just happened. 🙂

Erm, discussing single life? How do you do that? I honestly, to an extend, don’t agree with the mentality that being single is amazing. I agree that you are able to focus on yourself, improving yourself from your last relationship, realizing after each break up what works for you and what doesn’t, reflecting and just gathering strength to get back ”in the game” again. I don’t suffer from having a boyfriend, I am perfectly capable of being alone but, I wanna say I am half penguin on that subject. Hehe.
Penguins mate for life. The first penguin partner they find, that’s their soul mate, they’re together forever. To me, that’s extremely cute and envious to an extend.
I first of all, am not a butterfly when it comes to dating. I am very reserved, shy and I am not comfortable meeting a lot of new people, in this case guys, and like many others, hang out with them and by the end, kind of choose. See who ”fits” me the best. I don’t like that and I can’t do it. It’s confusing and I would end up leaving everything behind. I am very careful and I can estimate well just from someone’s body language if I want to get to know them more or not. It might sound odd, but that’s me.

I am all about being good friends with a guy first before any kind of romantic attachement but If I meet one guy, that I find interesting and appealing, I will work for that guy and put all of my effort into him and our friendship. I don’t have guys in reserve, I don’t like to compare looks, bad or good traits with anyone else because I am interested in that person and if I am going to fall in love with him, I am falling in love with him. His flaws, his manners, his looks, his Virtue’s, everything. Comparing to me just sounds like an easy way out to say someone isn’t to your liking and someone else might make up for that with other characteristics and traits. I know I wouldn’t like if someone intentionally tried finding fault with me, especially if it’s things you can work on, together.
I feel like this is me discussing my view on relationships beforehand, not single life but I hope it’ll fall into place somewhere along the text.

I basically wanna say that, I don’t like being single simply because I like companionship and I like knowing there’s someone ”waiting” for me, I can re-tell my day too and my fears, my hopes, dreams and all weird fetishes. (Not that I have them, but you knowww). Only it’s a little harder in my case to fulfill it. I won’t ‘move on’ till I know I gave all of my effort I could. If it still doesn’t work out, that’s another story that I won’t debate on.

Marija, you went off topic. But you guys don’t mind right?
Single like, as it has it’s up’s and down’s, it’s a lonely life at times. I don’t like it but I don’t suffer enough to get together with just Anyone, just to not be alone.

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