Why Not Try Again!

I suck at blogging.

I hate being absent from my blog. More to the point, it’s not even laziness these past few days. I’ve had some great inspiration and motivation these past few days but of course, that comes when I have so many other things to do. Why is it always like that. I get the most inspiration at night, when I’m already tucked into my bed, I took the time to get up and turn my lights off and curl back in and suddenly I feel the immense urge to write. Ugh.

But anywho, it wasn’t laziness I promise. School is ALREADY taking up most of my time. Homework and getting used to my new teachers. I really don’t want to mess up or leave any material behind, because then it just piles and piles. That’s the moment where studying needs to be done, I feel way too lazy and pressured because there’s a lot to go over. I’m starting from the beginning this year!

Buut, it’s not something I want to use an excuse everytime I am absent. I can always manage to save up an hour or two out of my day to write and be active. Maybe stop sleeping so much right after I do some of my work. It’s been raining like crazy the past week and I’m not a fan. It makes me lazy, it makes me insanely sleepy, it makes me slightly sad and I end up curled up in my bed, thinking about the meaning of life listening to calm soundtracks that make me even more sleepy. I feel like I’m wasting my time and I am so, I wanna change that.

On my previous blog, the one before this one, I used to love doing challenges. There were a lot, but one I thought I would try again is the 30 Day Challenge. It’s really interesting for me, you get to know me a little bit better on miscellaneous things! Plus it’s a great if you’re having writer’s blog, but really want to post something, to use these questions as food for thought. It’s not why I’m doing it but you know.


If you search through Google pictures, not all of the 30 day challenge’s are the same but I think this one is one of the ‘originals’. I honestly can’t wait! I’ll most likely start tomorrow.
I’m exciited.

8 thoughts on “Why Not Try Again!

  1. Another blog I follow has just started this challenge. Great minds think alike 🙂 also, thanks for the follow! I’ll have to catch up and keep up with your challenge posts!

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  2. Hey this sounds like a great idea – hope you have fun, and that school keeps going well too. I can totally relate on the homework bit…I mean, my blogging will probably have to step back a little, but I will still try to make an effort, I hope!
    Lovely to see a post of yours pop up in my reader 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I feel like they haven’t been popping very much and it saddens me. I have so many ideas and unfinished texts in my drafts but the workkkkkk.
      You will do great, you write so much when you do and it’s always hilarious. Every post, however brief will be awesome ^^


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