The Fault In Our Stars



I got this little piece of joy just two days ago, when a package was delieved from Sweden. I can’t describe all the feelings I felt finally getting it. For some reason, my heart has been longing for this book. I got it home on Thursday night, started reading and It’s sufficient to say that I finished it last night. I couldn’t put it down.
I really want to make this text seem so intellectual and nicely-put but, one of those things where I am, more or less speechless. There’s so many things I would like to say that only make sense in my head.

The book is brilliant. It’s not what I expected but it’s briliant. I don’t feel like it’s a typical romance, cliche type book where two teens fall in love and love conquers all. Absolutely not. Love was the least I saw in this book. I saw intelligence, courage, humour, all bonded together through their love. Half way through, I’ve heard people say they feel like it’s meh, not too thrilling or exciting and it kind off isn’t. There’s not much action but it wasn’t a problem for me. I loved it.
It is so hard to write anything without any spoilers but I have to say to people who have the possibility of reading the book first, I would advise you to read the book first.

The ending of the book is infuriating for me in the best way. I’ll just say that through the entire book, one book in particular was mentioned that Hazel and (by her recommendation) Augustus loved. An Imperial Affliction. I felt as though, The Fault In Our Stars ended the same way. Not mid sentence, but with the same kind of questioning Hazel had. Like a cliff-hanger that I don’t tolerate because I want TO KNOW, I want answers to questions that might not be real. It’s not fair.
And It’s needless to say I did cry. Not hysterically, but I did.

I watched the movie as soon as I read the book and I kinda regreted that decision. I should’ve let my feelings and impressions that it left on me sink it a little bit.
In any case, the movie was good. I like that they stuck with the book and 99% of what was written down in the book was their script. A few changes here and there, like their age. I heard that Hazel was supposed to be 15, Augustus 16. In the book Hazel is 16, Gus is 17. In the movie, Hazel is 17, Gus is 18.
It’s not the most romantic movie in the world, most tragic, filled with affection but it was a heart breaking, oh so funny, insightful story.
The most heart-breaking thing for me is the story itself. These kind of things happen and cancer itself is not fair, by a second. It scares me honestly.

I am still under impressions and it’s really hard to talk about it because my mind drifts off to another type of discussion and that is cancer itself and illness. But that’s not my place and this text is not about that. Bottom line is; I asbolutely loved it, enjoyed it, I laughed, I cried, I learned.
I recommend it but if you can, READ THE BOOK FIRST. 🙂

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