My Dream Pet

Guuuuys. I’ve spent the last hour watching videos and reating people’s comments on many questions related to cats and pictures and it just made me feel so great! There’s something about cats that makes me extremely happy. I cannot express the love I have for them and to all animals in general, but cats I feel are my soul-mates. In some weird way, hehe.
I knoow this may sound VERY STUPID but honestly, I respect cats so much and understand them.

I find a cat the animal, most alike to a human being. People who don’t like cats either don’t like them because they’ve had one or two bad experiences with some wild cat, or even a domestic cat that wasn’t raised properly. And therefore, blackened all cats for their lifetime. Eh, that’s a real shame. Most (specifically) cat haters would come to my house, either shoo my cats away from them (where I get pissed), or are afraid of them. And all of them, of course, never held a baby kitten in their hands. It’s the most magical thing, like a mom holding her new born child. ^_^ Something so precious and pure. All of them walked out liking cats, or atleast having a more open mind about them.

They are my everything. If I had to choose any pet in the world, I would choose an animal in the cat family. If possible, I’d just choose which exactly. Oi.
I love tigers, white tigers, I love panther’s (oh my god, the scariest but most majestic and powerful cat {◕ ◡ ◕} ), puma’s, lynx’s, cheetahs, leopards,snow leopards, servals! You get the point…

I think I named all of them hahah.

Of course, my inital response would be, give me a baby of any of these and make my dreams come true. I cannot decide between them, even though, for the longest time, I have found cheetah’s to be my favorite. Aside from a cougar/puma, it has the most domestic cat-like face. I know I would be able to raise them right if I had a big enough house and funds, but I don’t. It would probably eat me. ;-; So I’m aiming for something less extravagant.

My dream cat would be a savannah cat. Kalel & Anthony have two savannah cats and I fell in love with them. A Savannah cat is basically a hybrid cat breed. It is a cross, a mixture if you will, between a serval and a domestic cat. Serval cats are 100% wild and are illegal to have as pets in many countries.

A Savannah cat is larger than an average domestic cat. They’re very slim, their build is like that so they more appear larger, in no matters of their weight. And because of this! They tend to get very long and they can jump really high. Their jump can go over 2,5meters. Reminds me a lot of cheetahs. Plus, they have stripes as well as cheetahs. And they have extremely big ears. Hehehe.
They are known and compared to be like dogs for their loyalty. They follow their owners like canines. Because of this, they can actually be trained to walk on a leash or even fetch, I read. Isn’t that amazing?
Imagine taking a cat for a walk. Most badass feeling for me! I’d prance around along with my kitty!

They can be very social and are known to LOVE water. Savannah cats can shower with their owners, and often like to ”attack” water with their paws. ^_^ They still have to be raised with great care and patience and observance because they DO have some wild instics inside them. They can get very agressive, especially if they’re not friendly and social. Their growls and hisses are not to be taken lightly.

But it’s my flipping dream cat! It’s so beautiful!

f6-savannah-kittens-da gg

Guys.. There is one fear I have. I fear that if my dream comes true, and I do get these babies, I swear I would kill it accidentally, somewhere between cuddling it. I would strangle it out of love.  Looooooooooooook!


4 thoughts on “My Dream Pet

  1. You really are a crazy cat lady hihi! ^-^
    But thats one of your charms and it would be weird if it was otherwise :3
    It brings me peace when you talk about your passion for cats ^^
    And your cats are so cuuute!! ^__^ ❤

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  2. Ah your love of cats is just so lovely! The dedication too, it’s so nice. I smiled greatly throughout this post – AWWWW!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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