Scared & Nervous

You know those godawful and gut-wrenching feelings your body develops, a night before something big is supposed to happen? God, someone give me stress pills.

I am so nervous you guys. Tomorrow I have an exam I have to take in Physics. I know you’re like, but it’s still summer break? What exam, school is over?! What are you talking about?!
Well, Serbia is weird. Not only do we have to enroll (Is that the right word? I feel like you use that for college references) each year into the school if you wanna keep going, (You can just not enroll even if you passed and not continue your education) but you have to take an exam before you do. If you fail, you failed your year. WHAT THE CUPCAKES IS THAT?

My school is a Chemistry school, if you can call it just like that. I wouldn’t know the true translation anyway, tell no one. But, naturally, my universal classes are Chemistry duh, Physics, Mathematics and Biology… Biology and Chemistry are eezy peezy! But my brain does not compute Physics. Math I can handle but it’s really really hard still. I know Z is reading this and probably rolling her eyes at me, but I have no problem with tutoring! I swear! I need it. ;-; Both Physics and Math.

Physics, I know it’s logical and it’s basically the world around me but something about it, turns my brain into a twister of hell. Mainly the tasks. Ugh… but guess what?
Physics is my exam, TOMORROW. At 9am.
My mom’s boyfriend is getting his car he bought tomorrow morning at seven flipping thirty, we get the car by eight, and we’re off straight to my school.
Of course I studied. Right now, I know EVERYTHING. But you know that nervous block, five minutes before? Sweet baby jesus.

Thankfully, I won’t be alone. My friend David is going to be there, he promised. He’s the only one that can calm me and he’s going to wait outside until I get out. He can make me laugh and just, make me feel safer about the moment I walk through the door. I’ll take that, I’m happy about that. Only a few other students were schedule tomorrow, so I guess I’ll have them too but they’ll be just as nervous as me. Uuuuuuuuuuuugh.

I’m fine… I’ll be fine. I’m going there to PASS. That’s my attitude. Now someone back me up, so I can believe it.

4 thoughts on “Scared & Nervous

  1. I believe in you, Marija! You WILL PASS!!! 😀
    (And I chuckled at my mention XD nah I didn’t roll my eyes, don’t worry! Plus, I too cannot process physics. ITS SO WEIRD)

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