Rant About Felix… Down Memory Lane

Ah, memories… Don’t you just love them?
I haven to admit I’ve been cheating on my blog with my fancy brand new notebook I bought a week ago or so. It’s so lovely, and spacious and big, I felt more like writing in it. But I’m jumping back on the train, I promise!

I’m sure you all use YouTube, you all know the stars, but do you know THE ”star”? I think you all know who I’m talking about. No…? Pft, everyone knows PewDiePie. Even if you don’t like Pewds, you know about Pewds, ’cause everyone knows about Pewds, how can you not know about Pewds? Hehe.
Yes! I love him. I feel like there’s not many gamers here as my audience or any for that matter. I myself am not a gamer, but you don’t have to be too love Felix.

I found out about Felix over 3 flipping years ago, Summer 2011. I still remember all of it like it was yesterday. I know that my boyfriend at that time, had his YouTube paired with Facebook so any video he commented on or liked or favorited, would show up on his timeline. One day, a video called “Penumbra: Black Plague NEW ZOMBIE part 7”, popped up with the quotes of some time-stamp and “HELLOOOOOOOOO? AAAAAAAAAAAAA!”. Supposedly a jump-scare.
I was curious and checked that specific moment out and of course, everyone’s initial response is, “What…”. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, the guy who screams like a girl is awfully cute bro! I wasn’t really interested in the game nor did I know of it at all, but I just wanted to see that cute face blab on and on and genitals and hear him squeal.
Honestly, it seemed stupid but I came to find out, it was a blessing in disguise.

I started getting into it and found myself checking every few hours to see if he had posted something else, spend all of my time re-watching some older videos he had up. Soon enough, I was hooked. In August, August 13th to be exact, his first forum came out, pewdiepie.de and there… My life changed. Let’s not get into that, that just might be another post! That’d be one emotional and personal blogpost right there… I don’t know, I’m intrigued now. I just may write it but with a different goal. Not to exclusively describe what happened but the ending result.

I don’t wanna get into the fact that yes he has changed his content a little bit and his attitude, but the more you grow. Plus, he’s still the SAME guy he always was. He may have traded a few horror games for a few Barbie, Pee-simulator, stupid f-ing Flappy bird but he’s still. the same. guy.
I don’t know how Felix seems to people, but to me, he seems like the most introverted, shy, calm, sophisticated guy privately. His video CERTAINLY don’t show this, but when you just look at his smile, you can’t not smile back. :3
He looks like a good guy. He didn’t become this stuck up jerk with a stick up his booty, he doesn’t expect people to bow down to him just because he has 30 million subscribers. To me, it seems like he finds his subscribers as regular people he is able to entertain and put a smile on.

He should never have a beard though… It may just be my disliking of facial hair, but in my opinion, his beard makes him look at least 5 years older. He either has perfectly tucked-in-place hair or it’s completely messy and sloppy, and so his beard gives out a messy and sloppy look. Like never takes care of himself. I don’t even like scruff. 5′ o clock shadows. No. Not my preference.

A beard hides Felix’s amazing skin. With his sloppy hair & beard, his sparkling and pretty eyes are in the shadows and hidden as well. His smile. Basically everything. He doesn’t look like a 20+ old guy, looks like he’s in his early 30’s. Some find that hot and that’s perfectly great, your preference but I don’t like it.

This video, THIS;

In this video his face shines through the entire room. His skin, his eyes POP. His smile is gorgeous. His face lines, do you see those? Sexy and handsome.  *This is not fangirling, just describing beauty* 
All of this, HIDDEN underneath a beard. Why? Seems like a waste…

Where is this post going? Err… I guess I am just happy where PewDiePie has gotten me. I’ve met some amazing people along the way, and till this day, of course, I am a loyal bro.
I’m actually one of the oldest. There are bro’s who were there all from his Call of Duty videos, I was a bro from Penumbra Black Plague, but still. My anniversary is April 4th.
Btw… I’m really good with dates. :3
Just a random rant… I love Felix

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