You’re kidding me right?

This post will purely be out of anger and my own thoughts. I hate the idea of someone getting offended by this, considering their own views but these are mine. I’m sorry if you do, but to me this is not acceptable.
I am reading, more and more often, almost everywhere I look, statuses and posts and articles about suicide and self-pity and guilt. And all of the little things that come in between. Why is it so fucking bad to feel bad? Explain it to me.

I’ve seen so many wonderful people here on WordPress whose posts are deep and so heartfelt they’re beautiful . Whether they’re discussing something good and happy that’s happening in their life or something bad they’re going through and things that are troubling them. I see so many people in the comments who understand, who support and write about the same things. Everyone’s free to say what they want, express how they feel.
Why can I not surround myself with people like this? I can’t say, I have a couple and I know that’s better than nothing, but the bigger amount always over-rules to an extend.

I mentioned in a previous post, how I agree that suicide is selfish. Let’s put a stop to speculations about that, it is.
But how in the right mind, do people change and flip for a 360, even when they’ve been through that, ”I am not fucking suicidal. That shit is stupid as hell, fuck no. People who think of that are idiots, all selfish idiots who care and whine for nothing but themselves”.

How in the name of Jesus and all that is holy, explain.
I understand realizations, I understand growing up, I understand maturing up. I don’t understand becoming an asshole and judging so rudely something you once thought was the death of you.. I’m sorry if you’ve ever insulted someone who was suicidal and came to you for help, and you feel offended by me saying that, but you’re being rude if you do that.

I can wrap the thought of you not understanding what someone is going through that is suicidal around my mind, I can understand that people don’t like to dig deeper in the subject with someone if they don’t know what to say that would help – that’s actually good.
But how, you’ve been through it, you know how hard it is, you know what kind of pain it is, how can you kick someone who’s already laying down on the ground?

Don’t people think of how they’d feel if the same thing was happening to them anymore?
While a person was going through the same troubles, I am 100% sure that person wouldn’t have liked to hear that they need to chill, relax, ”get their heads out of their ass” and see the world as it is. That’s some of the comments I got, just a few days ago. No, that person wouldn’t have liked it nor would they consider it as a sign of help or honesty.
I’m not saying that hearing someone’s live story over and over and over can’t ever be frustrating, because in truth, I’m sure you have your own troubles, but there’s a polite way to let someone know, you’re happy to hear them out, but that you can’t entirely help them.
It may be just me and this behavior is natural and I am just naive or too good to believe this is normal, but if I am, prove me wrong, please.

Just because an individual realized that suicide was not the answer, found a brighter light for himself, opened up another door, that individual is supposed to judge every single person who may feel the same as he once did? Why? Just because he knows it’s not as bad as someone going through it says?
He doesn’t need the self-pity, that annoys him? He got over it, so can another?
And all of this needs to be said in the most awful manner, doesn’t it?
One hell of an unfair person that is. Injustice.

And of course, the FAMOUS phrase of all time, ”I’m just being honest.”.

There is a fine line between honesty and compassion & plain meanness and viciousness, absolutely no care for the feelings of others.

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