Cleaning Out My Body

Junk food is bad. The name says itself. Junk. Food. That much I can realize but why is it that even though we know all of the atrocities that happen inside of those McDonald kitchen’s and all those butcher hidden rooms, we keep eating or drinking those same products. That is something I needed to answer myself.
I’ve gotten to a very bad point.

I’ve been drinking coca cola ever since I was five. I remember that it mainly started when I was about five years old, we had guests over and everyone was having a good time. Drinking, listening to music of their youth, laughing and of course, everyone was too damn lazy to move their butt’s to go buy another 2l of coke. It was around 22:30 and I knew that by the time they decided who’s going to go actually buy the coke, it’ll be 23:00h.
So I offered.
From consistent talking and occasional yelling because you can’t hear the person you’re talking to because of everyone around, everyone’s head turned to me like I had just said I am pregnant. Anyway, but yeah, I did go in the end and ever since then, at least from what I can remember I have been drinking coke.

Throughout school, middle school, junior high, it was known for Marija having coke, every single day, all day. Nothing more, nothing less. If I didn’t have coke with me, that’s something out of the ordinary. Of course I’ve gotten the speeches about how it’s bad for you, how it ruins your teeth, how it can scrub off rust off of spikes and therefore can ruin the glaze/enamel on your teeth, how it’ll absolutely ruin my liver (which I’m feeling the consequences), all of the things I thought was either rubbish, or just won’t happen to me.
That’s everyone mentality at one point, when they want to keep doing something that they shouldn’t. We find excuses to make it even a little bit more acceptable.

So far, I have not gotten to any serious consequences that can’t be fixed. No. But the more I get older, the more I’m starting to see everything everyone’s ever told me.Ā  I just recently started paying attention to feeling coke slowly devour my teeth with carbonation every time I take a sip. Small things like that.

It’s extremely late, but better late than never. I really, truly, want to stop. I made this decision more than a week ago, while talking to my friend and he supported it 100%. He himself used to drink coke, not in the amounts as me but he stopped and said that after a few months, it really doesn’t taste all that well.
I wanna stop, because I see no point in it anymore. Sure the taste is good now, but there’s one more thing I’m not mentioning.

You all know how coke is filled with caffeine and a few other things that make coke have an effect of an energy drink or coffee which makes you stay up all night. Well, that doesn’t work for me anymore. Coke to me, is an addiction.
In no means am I referring to like a shopping addiction, I mean a true addiction. You know how every drug, small or big, marihuana, cocaine ect, every drug wares off. Only those are MUCH stronger, more deadlier and harder to get off of. They just stop giving you pleasure but you still need to have them.

Well, this is sad to say but I have gotten to a point where I start having mini panic attacks if I’m without coke for more than 10 hours. Yes, horrible and bad. A point where I was drinking more than 2l a day, and I didn’t even feel it. Drank it at night and all I felt was fat growing, not energy or boost.
Not to mention that because of this excessive drinking of coke, I haven’t touched water. There’s been times where I lay at night thinking when was the last time I took a glass of water. Months would pass without me drinking it. Another reason why I was always drawn to coke even more.

Coke actually absorbs the water inside of you. You think you’re putting liquid inside your body but all coke does is suck it up.

All big changes start off easy right? Small amounts of changes? Well, for now, I haven’t touched one sip of coke for more than a week. Maybe 10 days, I haven’t kept count. I think, so. 9? Yes, nine days. It’s been kind off hard. I’m definitely hungrier more, ’cause I used coke sometimes as food.
Ugh, I feel like I’m bashing myself on purpose, this is all so bad.

I’ve been eating better, more fruits and vegetables, eating regularly, no skipping meals. Kind of hard ’cause I don’t eat meat but I’m doing it. (:
I’m glad I made this decision and my friend, Poroner, has a very, very, very strong ground on things like this so he’s kind of my motivation to keep going. I thought today I would take just one glass and just not do it again, but I thought of him. What would he say if I told him ”I took a glass of coke today.” and that stopped me. (:
It feels good!

My skin’s been cleaning up A LOT. I used to get all these tiny, not REAL pimples, which was the worst of it. Like, dried up skin on my forehead that you can’t pop, you cant do anything with it except change your eating habits. That’s clearing up, I’m seeing positive changes… I think I’m going to stick with it. ^_^

16 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Body

      1. Really? Didn’t know that! Must be that gmo stuff. Because there is no way you can feed all those people without the meat supply going down.


      2. Exactly… I just actually heard today, from a friend who worked at McDonalds thru the summer. Every package they have that has an expiration date on it, even if it expired two hours ago, they tell the workers TO CHANGE the date and numbers on the package and then just leave it.

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  1. Good for you! Hope the no-coke thing works out! I never liked soft drinks, so therefore I never liked coke, but hearing this is great šŸ™‚

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