My New Family

I could not contain my excitement and I took out my camera, and I just haaad to take at least one picture to share with you guys. ^__^


Yes… Lemme explain about their background, hahaha.
The kittie has experience in this and so do we, so we were waiting for her to guide us, where she wants to sit with her babies. We brought multiple choices where she could lay in until the babies were ready to stand on their feet, and she got in this one. We asked (Yes, my dad&I communicate with our cats) and she meowed. We weren’t expecting it because it’s actually a laundry basket… x3 It’s quite big but it suits her. More protection for her babies I’m assuming.
She loves dad’s shirts, they’re gentle & silky, she was pawing on it so we took it as a sign and we were right. x3
So that’s that…

They’re sooo tiny you guys. I wanna hold them soo bad but I feel like I’m going to break them. The most magical thing is having this in your house and your cat trusting you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT with her children. There’s no bigger trust. She has absolutely no problem leaving her babies completely to stretch her legs out a little with me, no fear, no nothing. She knows that when she comes back, they’re in perfect order and absolutely safe. ^_^
I have a new family to take care off. ^_^

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