5 new darlings!


It is absolutely no secret that I LOVE CATS. I love animals in general, but cats in particular are the darlings of my life. I have had cats literally ever since I could remember myself walking. I sure have had a few other pets here and there, like two parrots, a rabbit, a brief amount of time my neighbor had a dog that II took care off.
That woman enraged me I think every day. You do not get an animal exclusively because you have no other business to do in your life. Just no, that’s wrong.
You get an animal to love it, feed it, teach it, make his life happy with all the perks of companionship they offer. Not to be there as something you can yell on. -.-‘

Anyway, as I was saying – cats. I really want to share this little information. How I got my very first kittie for a longer period of time. I am incredibly happy to say that I didn’t get it, or buy it, I saved it. <(^_^)>
I was hearing meowing non stop for days, down in the basement of my building (my family kind of takes care of the ‘boiler room’ that is in the basement, just because our building is filled with dried up old people who have nothing better to do than sit in their apartment and spy on everyone that comes in the building. And enterigate, who is it, who’s child is it, what is he doing here, and so on and so forth). You know that desperate cry a baby cries when he or she is first introduced to the kindergarten teacher and left – what is he going to do without his mommy. I heard those types of cries every single day.
One day it became unbearable so I was brave and went down there on my own. A tiny little kitten was standing in the middle of the entire room, all curled up and looking down. My heart was broken but at the same time, I wanted to melt from cuteness.
I knew it was a particularly wild cat and that it would run away from me If I made sudden movements. I heard that cats (and all other domestic animals) have a soft spot for little kids.
I used that. I got as close as I possibly could, bent over and started faking my cries. I was amazed because the kitten looked at me with such love. She started slowly, very slowly walking towards me. I waited just until it was enough distance I could grab her – and that’s what I did. ^_^

I brought her back home and mom and dad were stunned that I would something like that or that I even managed to bring her up. But again, I was a kid. She didn’t hesitate at all when I picked her up. I begged mom and dad to feed her at least, before they make any decision about whether we can keep her or not. Oh, and yes, it was a girl.
She was kind of the 13th piglet if you know that documentary. ;_; Her mother abandoned her.
Her jaw was out of place because I’m guessing she was hungry, but so little, tried to chew on something harder than she can take and injured her jaw.
What did I do?
Of course I didn’t leave her. I said, if she can’t eat food, she drinks milk.
But how can she drink milk if she can’t move her jaw?
No problem for me! I took a syringe and sucked in a little amount of milk, picked her up, held her in my hand like a baby and slowly dripped a drop by drop of milk into her mouth. Hihihih! ^___^.
Of course, we kept her. I was about four, and ever since then, I have never EVER been without a cat in my house so – 12 years.

Ah, now that I’ve got that out, my news is, I GOT NEW BABY KITTENS!!! ^___^! FIVE of them. That’s quite a lot for a cat, and of course they’re TINY. Mostly they’re all black, like their mom but I think two have white spots on their noses and on the tip of their tails. I can’t show you pictures yet, she just gave birth today and even though my darling would let me touch them and do whatever I want with them now, It’s not good. They need to be with their mother at least for two weeks, non stop. But soon! Upcoming pictures!

Loving and appreciating cats in the amount I do is an art form. That’s what I want to believe.
I’ve had only one cat for the past, maybe six months and that’s pretty unusual. I usually have at least two, and lot’s of babies through the year. At least 3 times a year, have a new generation of babies. x3.
And nooo, I don’t keep them all! If I did, I’d have over… well, approximately, about, over 96 cats I’d say…. Hehe. For 12 years, at least two times a year, that’s 8 kitties not including the mom and if a sister stayed. The number goes up, but just counting 8 cats a year, times 12. But there’s variations…. Hehe. Most of them we give after they’re all grown up and taught, or some just want to leave and find their own lives. Oh and a side note, I never name my cats.
Can you imagine, having over 15 cats a year in different times, for 12 years, what would you guys name them after the first two generations? o.o
We have a kind of sound, that I can’t type out, on which they respond. Something, mc! Mccc and so on. It’s weird until you hear it hahaha.
Ah, I’m happy! That’s all I wanted to blog about. I hope you guys have a fun filled day! ^_^

12 thoughts on “5 new darlings!

      1. I understand. I have trouble with that as well, but I just don’t pay attention. I’ll sleep on the floor if I have to hahah.


      2. It’s really cute though! Cats always have to have centers of beds, sofas- I find myself adjusting my sleeping pose to my cat, just so I don’t wake her up. đŸ˜€ ^_^


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