Surprise, surprise!

Ooh my god, I don’t have the vocabulary to express how excited I am right now. ^(^_^)^! I’ll give you a little re-wind of Tuesday.

On Tuesday, my best friend informed me that The fault in our stars is finally available in our bookstores and of course, I flipped tables. The book is around 13$ and I don’t know the price ranges, tell me if that is expensive or reach for a book where you live. Please, I’m very interested, you’ll find out soon. That is quite expensive for a book here in Serbia, because usually you can get 3 for that price but then again, if the book is worth it…

I had planned to leave to my mother’s place that day and I was a little agitated that I might not be able to get it that same day. I arrived at my mother’s place about six and thankfully, my dad had left me 10$ at home which was a load off my mind, mom just need to borrow me another three. Little did I know, when I mentioned the book is out, she OFFERED to buy it ’cause she knew how bad I wanted it. I was absolutely thrilled. I immediately rushed to my bookstore, and my dear friend Kevin was in contact with me the whole time. It was like a movie scene:

I walk through the door of the bookstore. Look to my left. Look to my right. Take a deep breath of freshly imported books. Look straight. See it on the bookshelf. Heart flutters. Grab it and smile. Hehe.

I didn’t think twice about buying it but I got a little surprise when a message beeped on my phone. Apparently, a few weeks back when I was pouring my heart out to Kevin about desiring the book, he actually purchased it on his own, for me. Because I wanted it so bad and he could buy it, he wanted to make me happy so he did it. Can you believe the sweetness? ❤ I was SHOCKED. It’s a good thing he told me, just in the nick of time because it would’ve gone to waste. I got so happy, he wanted to surprise me and send it over and of course, I couldn’t say no. He already bought it, come on. *^_^* My mind was clear, I will get my book but anooother incy bincy wish came along and that was The Hobbit books.

I am an absolute The Lord Of The Rings fan, my all time favorite movies now Next to the soon-to-be The Hobbit trilogy. I have never read it, sadly nor Hobbit and the power is strong with this wish.
I always thought the Hobbit and The lord of the rings are originally written as three books. Three books made into three separate movies. Apparently not? I can’t get into it, I don’t have the right information it seems but none-the-less, we have three separate books here.
I was aiming on buying them but they are, HELL-A expensive here to be bought separately. I’m not sure why, but I know that it was a major disappointment. I wanted it all and even though I was able to ‘get’ the book I originally came for, the one thing that I couldn’t have, ruined my excitement and all that was left, was sadness. Which shouldn’t have happened.
I wasn’t in the mood for talking, I completely ruined my night which felt like a huge waste. BUT.
As always, when you’re surrounded with good, kind-hearted people and when you wait, it all comes to place.

Apparently, I am getting 5 new books, in maybe, less than two weeks! The books I’ve wanted for SO long, a few of them, my favorites of all time.  I think you all can guess what happened and who and just why that person surprised me with purchasing a Lord of the rings + The Hobbit set, and The fault in our stars. I AM SO HAPPY. I have the best effing friend in this entire world! I cannot thank him enough, and I know he would do more. I wish I could re-pay him somehow for everything. I can’t wait, I’ll share my happiness when they come to me, in my arms so I can cherish them.

Until then, I have a few things I wanna share with you guys, just need to be written carefully and delicately so I’m taking my time with them to make them just right. I’m so happy-y-y.

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